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Newborn baby moments that last forever

Michelle, a newborn photographer in Dublin, captures natural, raw beauty in her newborn photography keeping each image pure, beautiful, and simple. Her posing techniques, patience, and gentle care for the newborns are evident in her award-winning newborn photography in Dublin.

When life calls for amazing newborn photography that frames and captures brief moments in time, look no further than MOS Photography by Michelle O’Sullivan in Dublin. Her award-winning newborn photography speaks volumes through a complex interplay of subject matter, light, contrast, and color. Michelle influences the viewer in ways that inspire and transform. Her ability to elicit a personal story through an image is why she is one of the most renowned newborn photographers in Dublin. No words are needed in describing her newborn photography. The photos, themselves, speak to the brilliant art in which they were taken.

Newborn Photography Studio

A warm, home-like environment is essential to any newborn photography studio. As a newborn photographer in Dublin, Michelle ensures a quiet, serene studio and is located at Ranelagh Village, Dublin 6. Cozy baskets, ultra soft blankets, and essential heaters keep the newborn photography space comfortable for newborn babies. Newborn photography in Dublin should be trusted to one newborn photographer, MOS Photography. Michelle’s award-winning newborn photography powerfully captures the beauty of new life. The images she creates are meaningful, revealing thoughts and feelings in a simple blink of the shutter.

The Ideal Age for Newborn Photography

With newborn photography in Dublin, Michelle prefers to photograph newborns within the first 14 days of birth. It is during this time that babies are still curled up, as they were in utero, making for gorgeous, dream-like poses. A session with Michelle, a newborn photographer in Dublin can last up to two hours, allowing for plenty of time for feeding and comforting. It is never too early to book a session for newborn photography in Dublin. Because a baby’s birth date is unpredictable, a timeframe will be reserved for you. If you are given a C-section date, the actual newborn photography session date can be booked in advance. If you are letting baby decide to when they will arrive, your due date will be noted and a booking will be arranged as soon as baby is born.

The Ideal Age for Babies Photography

Michelle recommends that photo shoots be scheduled when baby is 6-8 months old. This is ideally when the baby will be sitting on their own and smiling from ear to ear! Unlike newborn photography, baby photography involves interacting with the baby while they move, smile and talk their baby talk. Michelle is sure to capture your active little one’s nuances and behaviors that you love so much. Scheduling your baby photography between 6-8 months old ensures the capture of the numerous milestones that occur during this period of time.

Newborn / Baby Photography Studio Policies

The complete fee for the newborn photography or baby photography session is due, in full, at the time of booking.

At least 25 images from the full session will be presented to the customer. Although many more images will be taken during the session, any images that do not meet Michelle’s high standard of quality photography will not be presented to the customer. Only the very best images taken by Michelle will be made available for purchase consideration.

Out of consideration for the photographer, please do not bring a camera, camcorder, or any other recording device to the photography session.

Please do not bring any food for consumption during a newborn photography or baby photography session. You are allowed to bring formula for your baby.

If bringing a sibling(s) to a newborn photography session, we recommend that another relative or friend is present to assist in caring for the sibling(s). Often the mothers and/or fathers are involved in the holding and caring for the newborns during the photography session.

Within two weeks of the photography session, an image viewing session will be scheduled to review the photographs with the photographer.

If no photos are ordered from the photographer within 6 months of the photography session, all files from the photography session will be deleted.

Photography image prices, products, and services are subject to change at anytime at the discretion of the photographer.

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