Portrait Photography Frames Stories captured and signature framed

Signature Frames

My signature style is currently the most popular frame in my collection. The wood block allows you to display single or multiple images in any size. Images are mounted onto wood and inset into a contemporary-style frame. It’s a perfect way to display a sequence of images and the result is that the images are raised off the back panel and inset in a frame. Available in a range of sizes.

Classic Frames

The is the most classic style of framing and it’s perfect for colour portraits. The image is mounted onto card and inset in a frame. The frame colour is dark wood to enhance the colour tones of the image.

Stand-alone Wood Blocks

Images are mounted onto wood. Perfect for large areas. A great and timeless alternative to canvas frames. Available in a range of sizes.

Acrylic Blocks

These are the latest trend in contemporary acrylic framing. Ideal as a gift idea, it is a free-standing frame that offers the most unique and amazing three dimensional view of your image. The image is mounted onto a chunky crystal-clear acrylic block, which gives a unique 3D effect. The acrylic is diamond and flame polished for a spectacular high-gloss finish.

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