Michelle O’Sullivan LIPPVA

About me

I’m an award-winning newborn, family & wedding photographer based in Dublin, Ireland.

Michelle O’Sullivan, newborn, family and wedding photographer

Michelle O’Sullivan



I am proud to have had my portraiture and wedding photography recognised with the following awards from Irish Professional Photographers & Videographers Association, and Canon:

Finalist in the Bank of Ireland IPPVA Best Portrait and Documentary Wedding Photographer Award 2019

Finalist in the Bank of Ireland IPPVA Best Portrait Award 2018

Finalist in the Bank of Ireland IPPVA Best Portrait Award 2017

CANON Finalist, 2015 National Portrait Awards

How I can help

With a background in graphic design, I found myself becoming more and more interested in the power of photography to create memories and how photographs makes us feel about significant moments in our lives. As the mum of two growing children, I became so aware how quickly time was passing, and how much I valued photographs of my family and this is how it all started!

With 15 years experience and manner to put people of all ages at ease at even the most formal wedding, I have gained a reputation as a photographer who has a rich eye for detail, emotion and character and genuinely cares about capturing the best results.

Whether I'm with you for one day or for many photoshoots, from the moment you contact me, here's how I can help create all those special life memories for you...

An award-winning, professional photographer with experience and manner to put everyone at ease

Someone who personalises and genuinely cares about the images created with you

An eye for detail that captures the synergy of composition, energy, and emotion

A mother who knows what it’s like to want photographs of their little ones (but also worries about how they’ll behave on the day!)

Photographic stories that will move you