February 19, 2018
March 24, 2020

My top five tips for a successful LinkedIn portrait

My top five tips for a successful LinkedIn portrait

First Impressions Count - people form immediate impressions of you based on your Linkedin Portrait. This is why its so important to get it right. It's the best investment you could make.

Here are some tips for getting it right to make first impression count.

Tip 1: Include a Profile Portrait

Not including a photo suggests that you are not confident in your appearance and maybe a little disorganised that you haven’t included a portrait on your profile yet. From a employers/clients perspective, it’s important to put a face to the cv!

Tip 2: Don't include Holiday Photos

Avoid photos of you on holiday, with your children. It really doesn’t portray a professional image of you apart from the fact that you’re a family person.

Tip 4: No to Selfies

Selfies are generally used for Facebook. They are really not a good look for Linkedin as they tend to be distorted and unflattering.

Tip 3: Head shots

As a photographer I love more creative portraits eg. side profile portrait or arms crossed, arms on hips etc but headshots are best for Linkedin. This is a my job! Your photographer will recommend what colour clothes to wear as the focal point should be on your face only. The investment is worth it and you will be able to use this image for a few years. If you have a Linkedin Portrait that is more than 5 years, it’s time to book a photographer to update! Hire a professional to make you look like a professional.

Tip 4: Expression is everything

And finally, the portrait should be a close up, with you looking directly at the camera. Ideally your portrait should communicate that your are warm, friendly, approachable and trustworthy. Your portrait is the first image your prospective employer/clients will see. It helps promote your personal brand and will make people want to work with you, meet you and hire you and your business.

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