Portrait FAQs

This should cover it.. but because every photo shoot is different and personal, if you can't find exactly what you are looking for, just get in touch.

I haven’t done this before and I’m nervous my kids will act up on the day!

Don’t worry. I’ve been doing this since 2007, so there’s not much in terms of behaviour I haven’t come across! As a mum as well as a professional photographer, I’ve learned how to help children relax and enjoy their sessions.

Food: In advance of the session, making sure you've all eaten so that no-one will feel hungry during the shoot is important (please note that for healthy and safety reasons, food and drinks other than what is required for babies aren’t permitted in the studio).

Sleep: If you know your little one needs to sleep at a certain time, let’s organise the session so that it suits nap time. A rested baby is a contented baby!

My top tips for portrait styling…

Textured fabrics (such as wool, linen etc) can work really well.

If you are having your portrait taken with more than one person (for example in a family session) try and coordinate a colour scheme instead of having everyone in the exact same colour. For instance, if you love blues, try one person in navy, one in baby blue, and another in sea-blue.

For couples and very small groups, complementary colours can work really well.

Be yourself! Wear what represents you and makes you feel comfortable.

What should I wear for a portrait session?

You want to look and feel like ‘you’ in your portrait, so don’t wear an outfit if it doesn’t fit your style. I always recommend bringing a couple of outfits with you on the day of the shoot, and we can discuss what works best. I create timeless portraits, so if you’re unsure of clothing, contact me in advance and we can discuss your styling ideas.

Adults: As general rule, avoid patterned clothes, distinctive brand logos, and large jewellery (including watches).

Children: It’s best to avoid big logos or icons such as printed superheroes (or anything you think might date) on tops.

How long do you keep images for after a shoot?

If no photos are ordered within 6 weeks of the photography session, all files from the session will be deleted.

General FAQs

Do you shoot in black & white or colour?

I shoot in colour which I then edit myself. Then, I look at each image as an individual frame and choose the most appropriate treatment to get the best from it - be it black & white or full colour. 

I'm always open to discussing this, as some people have a distinct preference and I'm happy to advise you. Generally, I make the decision in the editing process, as this is when I can see what works best.

Are you insured?

Yes. I have professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance.

Pricing and booking

What is included in the cost?

This can vary slightly depending on the package you select. However, as a general rule, the cost covers the time in the studio with an award-winning photographer and the time for editing.

After the session, I carefully select the finest images from the number I take during the shoot.

It’s a little-known fact that the editing can take more time than the photo session as I have to carefully edit each image, balancing the colour and cropping etc.

Once the images from your session are ready for viewing, I invite you back into the studio to take a look.

Photography session fees, products and services are subject to change at any time at my discretion.

How do I book with MOS Photography?

Firstly, phone or send an email to check the availability of your wedding date.

I encourage every couple to contact me to arrange a time to chat – in fact, I advise you do this with any wedding photographer you’re considering because it’s such an important decision.

Photography session fees, products and services are subject to change at any time at my discretion.

How can I get MOS Photography’s packages or pricing?

For the latest packages, prices and availability, please contact me. I have a number of Wedding Packages. After we discuss what would suit you best and you choose a package, all details will be specified in the contract. For weddings, a non refundable deposit is required to confirm all bookings. For newborn, children, and all portrait photography, the complete fee must be paid in full at the time of booking. This guarantees your time in the studio.

Newborn & baby FAQs

When can I view my images?

Within two weeks. I’ll arrange a viewing for you at my studio.

I’m bringing my newborn’s siblings. What do I need to know?

If bringing a sibling(s) to a newborn photography session, I recommend that another relative or friend is present to help. As you will be involved in the holding and caring for the newborns during the session, it’s important another responsible adult is available to keep an eye on the rest of your family. Please take a look at this for useful tips for parents for a newborn photography session.

Is there anything not permitted in the studio?

Please do not bring any food or drink for consumption during a newborn photography or baby photography session, apart from baby formula.

Can I photograph the session while it’s happening?

No. I ask that you do not record or take photos with any device at your session.

How many images do I get to choose from?

I will show you at least 25 images from the session. Although I do take many more images during the session, any images that do not meet my high standard of quality photography will not be presented for your consideration.

When do I pay for my newborn photograph or baby portrait session?

The complete fee is payable in full at the time of booking. This guarantees your time in the studio.

What is the ideal age for baby photography?

I recommend scheduling baby shoots when your little one is six to eight months old and most likely sitting up and smiling from ear to ear! Ensuring your baby is fed and rested before the shoot is key, so we can time the session to suit their schedule.

Unlike newborn photography, baby photography involves interacting with the baby while they move, smile and babble. I’ll make sure to capture your little one’s personality through their expressions and behaviours.

When should I book?

It is never too early to book a session for newborn photography. Because a baby’s birth date is unpredictable, a timeframe will be reserved for you. If you are given a C-section date, the newborn photography session date can be booked in advance.

If your baby is arriving in their own sweet time, I’ll take a note of your due date so that a booking can be arranged when as they make an appearance!

What is the ideal age for newborn photography?

It’s best to photograph newborns within the first two weeks of birth when they are still curled up in those gorgeous, dream-like poses...

I’m concerned about bringing my little one into a working photographic studio. What happens if they misbehave or have an accident?

Having had babies of my own, I completely understand! If the idea of coming into a photographic studio fills you with dread, please don’t worry. Your baby will be safe and comfortable, and you get to sit back, relax and be proud! As with all babies and children, ensuring your newborn is fed and rested is key.

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